IELTS is the International English Language testing system mainly to check the level of English language. Everyone can take this exam for either to study and work abroad or migration. There are more than 6000 organizations in the world that receive this certificate. IELTS exams are prepared by more than 800 testing center in 130 countries. IELTS is under the control of the organizations IELTS Australia, British Council and Cambridge ESOL in the world. In Nigeria British Council is responsible for this exam.  IELTS exam consists of four sections like listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Listening section lasts 30 minutes and maximum score is 9.0. In this section applicants have to answer the questions according to the dialogues and monologues that they listen. Reading section lasts 60 minutes and applicants have to answer the questions after reading articles.


In the writing section, applicants have to write an essay in academic level on two topics. In this section it is appreciated worldview and language using skills besides English. Maximum score is 9 in this section.  The last section is speaking section. Here you have to speak with person whose native language is English and you have to answer her/his questions. This sections lasts 11-14 minutes and maximum score is 9.      First 3 sections are taken at the same day, but speaking is scheduled during 7days before or after an exam. Generally, whole exam lasts 2 hours 45 minutes. Maximum overall score is 9. It is possible to follow the organizations who accept IELTS under the title of “IELTS Global Recognition”.

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