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   Legend educational consult  involves online  language school, consultation and general services related studying abroad, certificate courses. Language school offers Russian and English languages with native professional teachers. Services related studying abroad consist of consultations, Sending an invitation,Visa support, Meeting at the airport, Transfer to University, Registration in the hostel, Completion of all necessary documents,Medical insurance,Check in,Anti-immigration insurance;
Help in the learning process and providing all necessary information needed to do  bachelor degree, master degree, MBA, PhD  or some short-term courses in some foreign countries like European countries, USA, Australia, Canada, China, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

There are special certificate courses like SAT, IELTS, GMAT, GRE and TOEFL, assists by our professional  teachers who have experience of many years in this sphere.

In addition, our company  organise education fairs in both-local and international level. The main aim of these exhibitions is to acquaint youth with the prestigious universities in the world and to help them choosing a university of their choice for studying.

Our main aim is to make studying abroad easy to all our clients both local and foreign

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